Level 1 First Floor
Level 2 Second Floor
Level 3 Roof


A musty space full of old furniture, & bric-a-brac with stairway access to the roof. This is a rough, utlitarian area where the ex-convict Mundy is supposed to sleep.


The roof’s floor has been fitted with steel chain-mail mesh that leads up to an ornate lightning rod. Tesla uses these modifciations to catch lightning bolts.

Tesla’s Office

This is Nikola Tesla’s private office. A wall portrait of Tesla stares down on the room. A wall safe here contains important documents, plus mysterious surprises.


This room is Tesla’s small laboratory.

Vanderberg’s Room

A modest bedroom currently occupied by whisky-swilling young Augustus Vanderberg, the nervous, layabout heir to England’s wealthiest family fortune.

Edison’s Room

This is legendary inventor Thomas Edison’s room. He’s here at the beginning of the story, struggling to come up with new ideas to satisfy demanding investors.

Bernhardt’s Room

This is where the world-famous actress is ensconsed. Here she’s meant to sleep, lounge, primp and practice her acting, and other skills. She also applies prodigious amounts of makeup at her vanity in this room.

Master Bedroom

This is Tesla’s bedroom. A well appointed space on the mansion’s corner with dedicated bathroom and closet, it adjoins his office and small (faux) laboratory.

Flora’s Office

Flora used this room as an office when Tesla employed her as his assistant.


A spacious, windowed area on the upstairs corner of the mansion. Using his powerful telescope, Tesla observes stars at night and birds in the daytime from this perch.

Main Hall

The primary entrance to Nikola Tesla’s mysterious Mansion. This is where Tesla’s guests find his body, fresh blood gently pulsing from a skull wound.

Dining Hall

Just off the main entrance, with a doorway into the kitchen, this grand room is where Dectective Gustaf Gustav innterrogates Tesla’s guests/suspects in the matter of his murder.

Drawing Room

A dark, moody room off the main entrance where Sarah, Flora and Mundy try to stage a seance using Tesla’s enigmatic Spirit Radio device.


A large, well-appointed room, with centuries-old leather-bound books arranged neatly on shelves lining its richly paneled walls. An Automata chess machine, and other surprises await here.


This is where Swan, the blind butler, often works. Here, in addition to a prototype Frigidaire, there is food, plates, and very large, sharp, potentially deadly, knives.

Piano Room

A compact room, its centerpiece being a piano. Many books line the walls.

Office One

A spare office -- books, papers and technical drawings litter its desk and floor.

Bedroom One

A spare bedrom on the downstairs corner of the rear of the mansion.